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With WunderlandConvert, it is quite easy to create Social Proof notifications, Newsletter Forms, Photos , Videos and more...  


What does WunderlandConvert do?

Social Proof

WunderlandConvert helps you to create Social Proof Notifications to better engage with your Audience.


If you want to present a Discount or Sale on your Website; WunderlandConvert is your best bet!


If you are using WordPress or Shopify, you can use Webhooks to show your sales that attracts more customers.


You can show an informational Popup on your Website whenever and wherever you want!


Do you want to showcase a video on your website?  with WunderlandConvert it is a breeze!

Trigger & Display

The Notifications can be triggered with time delay, exit intent and more...Display the Notifications wherever you want!

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Notification Examples

Informational Notifications

Engage with your viewers with Informational Notifications. You can customize the text, colors, Icon and make the set a link to the entire notification box.

Discount Notifications

Do you have a Shopify or WooCommerce Website? You can display your coupons with WunderlandConvert's Discount Notification.

Real Time Visiter Count

Engage with your viewers with Real-time visitor information Notification. You can set the counted data from X minutes and let the tool work its' magic!

Newsletter Email Collector

Let your visitors Subscribe to your Newsletter, the data will be saved in your dashboard, or you can connect it to your CRM via Webhook.

Show Dynamic Data and in Notifications

Someone just subscribed to your newsletter? You can easily pull this dynamic data and show it in with our Latest Conversion Notification.

Conversion Counter Notification

Same thing like latest conversion counter goes for Conversion Counter Notification as well. Just set the Conversion data from x hours and magic! 

Youtube Video Notification

You can also share your YouTube video through WunderlandConvert Tool. Copy the Link from your video, paste it on the tool and viola! 

Social Share Notification

To maximize your conversions and get more visitors to your website or web shop, use our Social Media Share Notification tool. 

Emoji Feedback Notification

This is a really cool way to get the honest opinion from your visitors. Why? It doesn't take time to choose an emoji and visitors love convenience.

Cookie Consent Notification

We have to get consent from our visitors, you can use Cookie Notification for this. If you are not living in Europe, this notification tool will not suffice. 

Website Score Notification

Just like our Emoji Feedback Notification tool, you can also let the visitors rate your website with our Website Score Notification tool. A very convenient way!

Support Call Notification

The best way to engage with your customers is to provide some sort of support. Collect Phone numbers and call your visitors in your convenience.

Countdown Notification

This is what FOMO is all about. Fear of missing out. You can set a timer of your choosing, enter your information and start the conversion!

How does WunderlandConvert Work?

Sign Up for Free

We have a free Plan just to get you started. There is no catch, you can Sign up and start using!

Start A Campaign

On your Dashboard you can start a campaign. Give your campaign a name and set the Domain where you want to use the tool.

Install Pixel to you Website

After entering the campaign you will get a pixel code. You have to put the code before </head> code of your website.
How? Watch the Tutorial

Start creating Notifications

After setting up the pixel on your website you can start creating your first notification.

Customize to your liking

All of the notifications have a customization option. You can play around with it the colors that fits your Website.

Pricing Plans

Here is the several pricing plans and differences. The Prices are monthly, and you can also cancel your subscription monthly.
You can also start with the Free Plan and Upgrade your subscription later! 

Free Plan

0 €
No Ads
Removable Branding
Custom Branding
1 Campaign
5 Notifications
500 Notifications Impressions / month
10 Enabled Notifications


15 €
No Ads
Removable Branding
Custom Branding
1 Campaign
10 Notifications
5,000 Notifications Impressions / month
14 Enabled Notifications


25 €
No Ads
Removable Branding
Custom Branding
3 Campaigns
30 Notifications
10,000 Notifications Impressions / month
14 Enabled Notifications
Do you want a custom Plan? Contact Us.

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